What is a Black Bay Horse?

With horses, the colors are much more complicated than they are. But horses are definitely tricky animals that are amazing in themselves, so it’s appropriate.

There are many variables that explain what color they are called, which include where they live, to what color their mane or tail is to go along with the main color of the horse.

So what exactly is a black horse?

Although there is some controversy with black bays, like most colors, a black horse is generally described as a bay rather than black, so it is technically dark brown in color and with almost black hues are also called seal bays.

This may not be enough to answer your question, and that’s okay, so we’ve delved into more research to hear and collect data from real horse owners and their thoughts.

What does a Black Bay horse mean to you?

We collect this information mainly in forums that include Reddit and HorseForum. We corrected the grammar and spelling where needed. If you want to send us your opinions and opinions on this topic or on any other topic, do not forget to go to our contact page or send us an email directly to admin@horsefaqs.com

  1. wakiya: Most of the “black bay” horses I’ve seen are genetically brown
  2. verona1016: I’ve already seen the term “black bay” and maybe I take it too literally, but a horse can’t be black and white. If one of the agouti genes is not present, the horse is black; if there is any of the agouti genes, it is a variation of the bay. Maybe it’s a very dark horse (also known as brown or brown). Or maybe it’s a black horse that fades dramatically in the summer.
  3. KigerQueen: It is also called seal bay and is not actually a bay color, technically it is considered brown.
    This is my mare seal bay / black bay
  4. deserthorsewoman: I thought more in German terms as the horse is Oldenburg lol. We don’t have the term brown or dark brown in horse colors. The only differences in bays, “braun”, are braun (bay), dunkelbraun (dark bay) and schwarzbraun (black bay). Perhaps the English term is just the literal translation of German for a German race
  5. Yogiwick: At the end of the day, the horse is black, laurel or brown. Everything else is a description.
  6. verona106 (another answer): records usually have their own definitions that are not based on genetics. There is a difference between the “classic” bay (A) and the seal / brown / brown (At) bay that can be seen in the DNA. There is also wild bay (A +), but at the moment there is no evidence, just as there are different shades of brown (from bright copper red to almost black liver), there are different shades of bay classic and seal. Therefore, there is a classic dark bay that is genetically different from the seal bay. And you can have two visually very different seal bays, but which (according to our current understanding of color genetics) are the same color.But from an image, I guess the OP horse was a fading black. What the record says … well, that’s another story

    ETA- I saw the “black bay” that was used for the ads of Andalusian mountains, so it’s definitely not just a German race thing

Final thoughts

So there is no definite definition or exactly what to call this colored horse, but the general standard is Black Bay or Seal Bay. Let us know your thoughts and send us a message and a photo of your black bay / seal horse.

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