What are the horses in the annex for?

The horses in the appendix are a combination of thoroughbred and quarter horse. If you’ve heard of an appendix horse before or seen them in action, you’ll see that most of the time they don’t look very different. As with dogs, they will get some attributes sometimes than others sometimes.

So what are the horses in the annex for? They can actually be used in a wide range of areas, from racing to barrel racing. Normally, the horses in the appendix will excel in areas that make the Quarters Horses or purebreds, as they have DNA from both.

What is an attached horse?

An Appendix Horse it is a cross between a thoroughbred horse and a quarter horse. The goal of this crossbreeding was and is to have a horse with a construction similar to that of thoroughbred, but the quieter nature of a Quarter Horse. It doesn’t always work that way, as with any type of breeding you can only expect the best. I have seen appendix horses that look more than a quarter and some that look like pure blood.

This is not to say that, for example, they cannot be used for both racing and ropes. Many of them are reduced to the way they are trained and can always be retrained. Our best barrel horse was an Appendix horse and was bought on the race track and trained in the barrel race. It was amazing to see him move and how fast he was for his length.

Most of the time the appendix will be larger or at least taller than the traditional Quarter Horse.

You can register the appendix just like a normal Quarter Horse with “The American Quarter Horse Association”Process. The only difference is that you have to approve Mr. Pure Blood before you can submit your application. You usually need to send photos to Jockey Club with the application fee. The AQHA may also request DNA sampling, but I have never had them done in person. If your horse is going to do a lot of professional shows, it may be a good idea to do it anyway.

Appendix Characteristics of the horse

The best features of horse quarters and pure breeds are listed in the appendix which is the main point. These, of course, will vary for the obvious reason that it is not an exact science.

  • will be between 15-17 hands
  • variety of colors including: black, laurel, chestnut, dune, calfskin, chestnut and roan
  • even the disposition is not as flying as thoroughbred and tends to be easier to maintain
  • more social with other horses and people

Appendix Horse Barrel Racing

When most people think of barrel racing, they think it’s a quarter horse and it’s true that they use a lot more than the appendix. This does not necessarily mean anything, there is mainly a smaller percentage of horses appendix to the quarter.

The funny thing is, if you go back most of the barrel racing horses, they’ll have some thoroughbred ones, so they’re technically mostly appendix horses. But that is to leave for another day.

Personally, we have used appendage horses for barrel racing and have had great success, but no more than their standard quarter horse. It still comes down to proper training almost as much as bloodlines. But don’t let anyone fool you with their roles.

Related questions

Can a quarter of a horse win in thoroughbred?

There have been studies done between the Quarter Horse and the Race race with each other and it is closer than you think. The neighborhood will be much more robust and built and will run throughout the race, where longer races will be more elegant.

According to a study in NCBI in their study, they found that Quarter Horses had the highest overall speed during 402M. Where after that the poor got more than 1006 million. This was just a video review studio, so it only reached 402M, which is standard for Quarter Horse racing.

What is the difference between a quarter horse and pure blood?

There are actually many differences in which we will go through some. The thoroughbreds originated in England and Quarter Horses originated in Spain.

Thoroughbreds are very thin and tall for long distance racing and Quarters are robust and excellent sprinters.

What is Grade Quarter Horse?

A Horse Quarter Horse is basically a paperless horse for one reason or another. It doesn’t mean he’s not a good horse just that he hasn’t been registered. Many times it’s about never losing or transferring papers, which can be easier if you can track down the owners.

Other times it can be almost impossible to register the horse because it was sold at auction and no one knows the original owner. There are still three steps you can take that include a DNA test, but it still won’t be easy or cheap. But if you compete in shows that require a registered horse, it may be worth it.

A category horse will also be sold for less, so sometimes you can get a very nice horse because it has no papers.


There are many ways to use an annex horse that includes races, jumps and barrel races. But also remember that they are also horses of great pleasure and can only be used for hobbies such as mountaineering.

They are usually easier to take care of after a thoroughbred for their peace of mind. It doesn’t always work that way, but don’t give up on a horse, you just have to be consistent many times until they know who the boss is.

If you’re in the market for one of these horses, be sure to check out your local auctions and in fact surprisingly there is a great place to find horses in the Facebook market. You can search for one in the United States. Take the time with your research and choose the right horse. Make sure you get recent videos and family history if you can. Buying premises is always the best option, but it can be worth traveling to get the best horse that suits your personality.

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