How much does it cost to keep a horse?

I tell you, horse ownership will cost you a lot of money, and that’s no joke. You may see them eating herbs and hay, but knowing how much this food costs is a bit of an Earth shaker, to be honest. So if you’re becoming a horse fanatic to the point where you dream of having one or your kids ask you to give them a pony to ride on as a birthday present, I think you should think about it. twice before getting one. Well, apart from grass feed, horses need maintenance and they need to be given enough care and attention to live healthy like humans. Having a pony is like having another child at home. Just as you need to meet their needs in the same way that you need to care for a baby or a child. As you go through this article, you will know what it takes to own a horse. Is it a nice hobby or is it just something that will put holes in your pockets?

So how much does it cost to keep a horse?

It is true that you can buy a pony for yourself or your child for a couple of hundred dollars, but in the most realistic sense, maintaining your horse will cost you more than ten times your purchase amount. According to a horse ownership survey conducted by the University of Maine, it has been found that the average amount of money that will surely be taken out of the wallets while taking care of the horse is about $ 2,419 for the average cost and $ 3,876. dollars per year in general. And speaking of numbers here, you’ll get about $ 200 to $ 325 a month for all of your horse’s daily needs. This amount of money is something to keep in mind especially if you don’t have an extra budget for this type of hobby.

When owning horses, you must provide them with all their needs so that they do not get sick and lame. To become a successful horse owner, you must provide them with food, regular visits to the vet and farrier, maintenance of stables or barns, boarding and other additional expenses for the preparation of supplies, and of course your team as a pilot who also hosts some training expenses. . What do you need to know about these factors, anyway?

All about your horses ’food

This is where a lot of your money goes. Since the amount of food each horse needs varies by weight. An owner’s average expense for a £ 1,100 horse is about $ 1,000 a year, which means about a third of the total annual expenses will go to horse food. With this type of fact, some owners tend to reduce costs by choosing the cheapest food, but also with good quality, but not so comparable to the expensive ones.

As a breakdown of expenses, here’s what I thought considering the tight budget you have for your horses:

  • Some places sell bullets for about $ 10. If you have to give your horse half, it will cost you between $ 3 and $ 5 a day. Otherwise, if your horse needs to consume more than half, try to do canvassing work in the store and look for the cheapest bullet in the area.
  • Horses also need mineral supplementation. That costs about $ 30 or about $ 0.17 a day.
  • Owners also add salt to the food to add flavor to the food. A block of salt costs about $ 14 or $ 0.04 a day.
  • Some homeowners consider giving cheap concentrates that cost $ 1 a day

These vary depending on the number of horses to be fed and the weight of each of them. However, if you have enough money for your food, it is always better to choose the top quality type. An owner will always choose the one that best suits their horses.

Visits by veterinarians and carriers

Like any other animal or pet you may have, horses need regular maintenance and care. Because horses are slightly larger animals, they cost much more than small ones. An average fee for a veterinarian is about $ 485 a year, which already includes checkups, vaccinations and testing, deworming, and other minor care your horses need. However, if your horse needs serious medical attention, except that they will increase the average expenses indicated. Therefore, it is always better to take care of our horses and make sure that they do not suffer from any disease. Being healthy is also a way to save money.

Street visits are also made regularly, especially if your horses are open. Their hooves should also be taken care of because if left unattended, poor hooves can cause problems such as having an infection, joint hyperextension and even lameness. Given the six- to eight-week gap in blacksmith visits, the average cost this year is about $ 350-500, which includes trimming, footwear and remodeling.

General maintenance and boarding

Keeping the interior of the horse stable clean is also considered in a horse-owned budget. Horses need a good place to sleep and rest. Adding fences around the horse area and providing them with good bedding, keeping their shelter in order, costs about $ 800 a year. This depends on the type of area you want your horses to have. Also, if you don’t have your own place or place for your horses, some owners rent land from others for their horse with food, water, and bedding. It can cost between $ 100 and $ 600 depending on the type of boarding you want for your horses.

Other expenses

Horses should also have their grooming items, especially if you let your children ride your horse or even yourself. You may want your horses to have saddles, goats, brushes, shampoo, blankets, and lead lines.

Also, as an owner, I’m sure you’ll want to be a pilot as well. Therefore, you will need to purchase some training materials and protective equipment, such as helmets, riding boots, chaps, harnesses, and gloves. These materials are sure to add something to your budget list.

Related questions:

What other factors can help increase your horse’s budget?

  1. If you choose the most expensive concentrates and supplements.
  2. If you have unexpected vet and farrier bills.
  3. If you have a competing horse.
  4. If you have a foal breeding horse.
  5. If there is an increase in the price of feed

What other things can you consider as horse ownership alternatives?

If you’re not sure if you want a horse for a long time, some people take riding lessons. Especially if they just want to experiment riding a horse but only for a short period. Some choose to volunteer from different horse-related organizations, as most of these groups also offer courses for their members. For children, some parents enroll their children in summer horse camps where they have a real diving experience that gives them the responsibility to care for them, prepare them, ride them and feed their horses in the field. for one or two weeks. .

What is horse shelter?

Some horses that are being abandoned and set aside are encouraged by those families who have the ability to adopt horses given the large amount of money needed. However, the costs will not be borne solely by the host families, as rescue organizations cover veterinary expenses, training and corrective farrier visits.

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