Colombian Fine Step Horse: Race and Price

Colombian fine step horse is a breed of light horse with a natural gait and is appreciated for its soft, natural, four-stroke, lateral gait.

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Colombian fine stepping horse

On Columbus’ second voyage, an army of seventeen ships set sail from Granada on the “Royal Colonization Expedition” for the New World

“We have agreed that among the people we send to go in this navy, 20 spearmen on horseback must be chosen from these twenty spearmen who must be trustworthy and reliable men, who voluntarily want to go and who five of they are replacements and let it be seas “.

Christopher Columbus later complained that when they boarded, the right amount of horses was loaded on the boat, but that the horses sent were not “the best,” as the “best” were sold in a kind of nefarious exchange that benefited the drivers. Colombian fine step horse according to this story, the first horses that came from the mainland were not the highest quality Spanish horses.

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But in the next twelve years, horses continued to be sent to North America, especially mares, and mule and horse breeding facilities were established in what was called the Spanish, now known as Santo Domingo. In 1524, the first horses arrived in Snow Granada, or what is now called Colombia, South America.

It has been suggested that the step of the Fine Step is the result of crossing a wandering horse, with a side step and a trotting horse, which is diagonal. Colombian fine horse happened that the ‘special way to go’ of Pas Fins is a mixture of both and the result is a horse with an extraordinarily smooth ride.

There were Pas Fi horses in Spain before 1493 and small horses that moved without swinging or pulling were the favorites of the Spanish queens. Some of them were brought to America during the period of the conquest and, unlike what happened in other countries, the Final Step was appreciated and remained unmixed with other races in some regions of Central and South America. South and the Caribbean.

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The Colombian Pas Fins have a unique step that most other Pas Fins do not have: the trail. And the results of recent studies suggest that gait is not genetically similar to lateral gait in other walking breeds such as Icelanders, Tennessee Walking Horses and pacemakers.

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The Pas Fi horse is known for its soft widths and fast leg action. The Colombian Pas Fi, a “sub-race”, has a unique famous way of walking that most other Pas Fins do not have: the trail. This four-stroke march features a sequence of side steps, similar to an ambush or a foxtrot symbol of the Missouri Foxtrotter.

However, a new study suggests that the trail is not as genetically similar to the side widths in other walking breeds such as the Icelanders, Tennessee Walking Horses and pacemakers. While the gaitkeeper gene (DMRT3) appears to have some influence, the trail also appears to be encoded by additional genes, said Miguel Novoa-Bravo, PhD of the Department of Biology at the National University of Colombia in Bogota.

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In fact, he and colleagues at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala discovered that the trail actually has a diagonal component in addition to the lateral one, which could explain why the gaitkeeper gene has only one influence. partial.


End Step literally means “good step”. The original ancestry of the horse may be of Spanish origin, but there are lineages of Barb, Jennet and Andalusia incorporated into the breed, as well as both types. Plantation owners in Colombia and Puerto Rico needed horses that could provide a comfortable ride, but also had strong endurance, and these bloodlines helped refine the breed in this way.

All Pas Fins have a shared ancestry with the Peruvian horse of Pas, along with Mustangs and other races that are known descendants of the Spanish colonial horse. Some of the first ancestral horses of the breed were brought to the Caribbean in 1493 by Christopher Columbus.

Over the next 500 years, PPR developed to adapt to the harsh conditions in Puerto Rico. Colombian fine step horse, the result is a horse that feels comfortable in most conditions and has excellent stability. Instead of walking or jogging, his pace developed for pure speed. A note written in the late 18th century states that the legs of a Fine Step cannot even be followed by the human eye.

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Pas Fi horses will generally be less than 15.2 hands tall, and some mares will only be 13 hands tall. Despite their size, sometimes in the pony classification, these horses are remarkably strong. Colombian fine step horse, the Fine Step that do not meet the minimum height requirement for classification as a horse are still known as horses because of their qualities and strength. The typical size is usually between 13.3-14.2 hands.

Most horses of this breed will weigh less than 1,000 pounds. Some smaller mares can weigh less than 700 pounds. It can take up to 5 years for an individual horse to fully mature into its adult size.

A Fine Step of any kind should have a convex head, a length below average below average, but with a very prominent cross. The face should be full, with a smart face, and a defined jaw leads to expressive, large eyes. This leads to a neck that offers an elegant, medium-length arch, but that allows for a tall carriage.

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🎁Best Colombian fine horses

Tupac bitter horse not far from Colombia

Amadeus horse not fine Colombian

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The Trot horse in Gallope, Trot and Gallop is only about 60 years old and comes from Colombia. They are the result of crossing the Andalusian with the Colombian Crioll or the Colombian Pas Fi. The resulting animal is handsome and elegant.


Average height 14-15 hands


The neck is short Les

Legs are long and strong

traditional colors

All colors


Energetic and athletic

Smart and nice

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🏇Colombian fine horse breed

The Colombian step horse breed, also known as the Colombian Creole step horse, is the most important horse breed in Colombia, with more than 220,000 animals recorded in the Studbook.

The breed is probably derived from a mixture of Spanish horses brought by the conquerors to America from 1493.

This group of horses included the Spanish horse Jennet, who was known for outpatient walks.

In the early twentieth century, the Colombian step horse consisted of a mixture of horses that performed several different steps.

The breed has been intensely selected for its walking, fine stepping, trail and trotting, since 1980.

Currently, the breed is divided into four groups that have generally not crossed in the last 30 years. The groupings, as their name suggests, are based on their walks: the Colombian group pas fin; the Colombian trail group; the Colombian trail and gallop group; and the Colombian trotting and galloping group.

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Pas Fi horses can cost from free to over $ 100,000, and sometimes much more for a quality international Pas Fi elite show. However, most pleasure riders who want to take a trail ride or even casually show off their Step Fin horse regionally for less than $ 8,000.

The fine horses took the best of the race of their ancestors, so you can see the grace of the Andalusians, and the vigor of the Beard, but above all things the most characteristic that has is the march of the barbarian of Spain, but thanks to the enormous amount of information that pass through the genes it is possible to recognize in the year from foals, a few days ago you can see a Colombian foal of few weeks and it is shocking to see how without any intervention from a coach already in his walk has the step.

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